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Always, sometimes, never…

When we teach present simple in class, we tell you that you can use these words:


This is true.  But, did you know that you can use them with any of the tenses?

Here are some examples:

He is always coming late.     (Present progressive)

He always comes late.  (Present simple)

He has always been late.  (Present perfect)

He was always late to class.  (Past simple)

He was always coming late to class.  (Past progressive)

He’ll always come late to class.  (“Will” future)

He is always going to come late to class (“going to” future)

Why?  Well, in class we teach you that you can use “always, sometimes, never”, because it’s easy.

Outside the classroom (the most important place), people use these words to say “how often” something happens.  So, they can be used to talk about the past, present or the future.

So how can we learn them then?  Good question.  My advice is to learn the meaning of these words, and then think about how you can use them with different tenses (past, present and future).  They change the meaning slightly.

Can you think of any examples?  Post them in the comments below.

As I always say…happy learning!!



Getting to know you

So…let me introduce myself. You can comment and do the same! Cut and paste the sentences below and change your answers.

I’m from Australia.
At the weekends I relax and drink too much coffee.
For breakfast I usually eat cheese on toast.
When I’m older I think I’ll be pretty much the same.
Next week I’m going to try to sleep early
I listen to music when I surf the internet.
I’ve never been to China.
Learning English is never complete, but always fun.
The best day of the week is Wednesday, because my students have finally woken up.
I don’t really like Monday mornings.

How about you?

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