Global English for students

Global English for Global Students

About me

I’m an English  teacher trainer, a language learner and a traveller.

What is this blog for?

Ask me questions.

Read my explanations about the English language.

Check out the links.

                                               Most of all, tell me what you want to learn.  I’ll try to help you!


           Happy learning 😀


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. This is good my teacher, I want to learn the letters sound

    I have searched and found this link

    But I didn’t take advantage of it .. Is there such a link for English only ??


  2. Hi Wael,

    This link looks helpful with the pictures. You could also try this one on the BBC website:

    These are the symbols (like letters but for the sounds) that your teachers use in class. There are some examples too. If you google “phonemic chart” you can find some more examples. Or just use a dictionary website like It has the spelling and the sounds. AND you can listen! Good luck!

  3. Thank you very much, link BBC is very great ^_^

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