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How to improve writing – actually you should READ a lot! :)

If you want to improve your writing, you should read a lot.  Does that sound strange?
One of my students asked me to write this blog post.  So here it is!  My tips for improving your writing.
Think about these questions:
Can you write the letters (abc’s) well? 
Work on writing the letters first.  When you can write them, you can start writing words and then sentences.  Find some letters on a piece of paper and start copying them.  Make sure the capital letters are big (!) and the small letters are small but long in the correct places.
For example these letters have  a tail below the line:
p q y  
These letters are small, but they go up as well, like a capital letter:
b d f h k l
These letters are just small:
a e  i  o s t u v  x z     
Do you know how to write an easy English sentence?  
Sometimes, students try to write very long difficult sentences, but they forget the basic grammar.  The subject should be first, then the verb (or two of them, including prepositions) and then “something” after that.  For example:
I                   want        ice cream.
Subject      verb         “something”
I                want to             go                       home.
Subject      verb                verb              “something”
The subject can also be quite long, but the rules still apply.
My friends and I          want to          go        home.
Subject                              verb           verb    “something”
The boss of the company               wants to           have                     a meeting.
Subject                                                         verb               verb                    “something”
If you start with these kinds of sentences, you can add more information like adverbs and adjectives.
The boss of the company               really              wants to           have                     an important  meeting.
Subject                                                    adverb             verb               verb                                  adjective + “something”
What do you want to write?

Find some examples of the same style.  Read them!  If you read a lot, you will get  used to the English style of writing.  If you need to write essays for university, read some textbooks to get used to the formal writing style.  If you want to write to your friends, look at Facebook or some blogs with comments.  Look back at your old English coursebooks.  Maybe you have forgotten that they have some great examples of letters, emails etc.
Write on the internet!
You can start your own blog at – send links to your friends who are also learning.  They can comment.  This way you can find people who have the same interests as you, as well as improving your writing.
Write a journal and ask someone to correct it.
Use or another internet language website.
Livemocha has a writing section.  After you complete the lessons, you can write a paragraph and native speakers or other learners can check it for you online.  Save their corrections in another document (on your laptop).  Then you can remember what the problems were.  Write it again with the corrections so that you can remember them.
The most important thing is to read a lot about things that interest you.  You can read magazines, stories, subtitles on films, posters you see in the street.
Happy writing!!